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New Owners Night

New Owner’s Night

Four times a year West Coast Nissan hosts a New Owner’s Night at the dealership for customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle still under warranty. It is a fun and informative evening in which new owners will have the opportunity to meet the sales and service staff outside of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the dealership. Here is what you can expect at our next New Owners Night: [continue reading…]


New Owner’s Night | West Coast Nissan

West Coast Nissan would like to invite you to our next New Owner’s Night, it is a fun and informative evening where you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the friendly West Coast Nissan staff, our facilities, and to answer any questions regarding your new Nissan vehicle. New Owner’s Nights are fully catered and have door prizes. [continue reading…]


West Coast Nissan | The Place to Buy Your Next Car

West Coast Nissan hosts New Owners Night, a time when new vehicle owners meet with staff and visit the facilities while learning more about car ownership and maintenance. This is when new owners have the opportunity to ask questions about their vehicle, service and anything else to help them enjoy their experience as a new customer. [continue reading…]