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Finance Loyalty Program

Nissan Finance Loyalty Program | Freedom to Drive

When it comes Nissan, the love between the manufacturer and customers goes both ways. West Coast Nissan makes it a priority to offer a hassle-free transition to each customer as they enter their new Nissan vehicle. This smooth transition is aided through Nissan Canada’s Finance Loyalty Program.

Driving a new vehicle should be exciting, and with this program, the benefits just keep coming. This program is available to those customers and their immediate family members, who are leasing or financing a Nissan vehicle with Nissan Canada Finance or who currently own a 2011 or newer Nissan vehicle. Nissan Canada’s Finance Loyalty Program offers enough flexibility to meet your individual needs.

What it the Finance Loyalty Program?

As a way of showing customer appreciation, Nissan Canada is offering a specified amount of stackable Loyalty Dollars, depending on the vehicle that is being leased or financed.

Who is Eligible?

The following requirements are necessary for participation in the Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program:

  • Individuals who currently own or are leasing/financing a 2011 model year or newer Nissan vehicle
  • Individuals who had a lease or financing contract with Nissan Canada Finance that had either matured or was concluded as of 90-days prior to the purchase and delivery date of their new Nissan vehicle

How Can I Use My Loyalty Dollars?

The Loyalty Dollars can be used in four different ways. They are the following:

  1. To reduce the Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”) of an eligible new vehicle that is leased or financed through Nissan Canada Finance
  2. Towards the purchase of the Nissan Added Security Plan (“ASP”)
  3. As an after-tax deduction from the final negotiated selling price of an eligible new vehicle
  4. To offset your lease/finance payments on your current Nissan vehicle or towards any penalties and/or other amounts associated with ending your current lease/finance contract

Driving a Nissan just got better through the Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program. Visit West Coast Nissan to find out if you’re eligible to join and begin collecting loyalty dollars. Drive in your newfound freedom today.

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