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New Owner’s Night | West Coast Nissan

West Coast Nissan would like to invite you to our next New Owner’s Night, it is a fun and informative evening where you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the friendly West Coast Nissan staff, our facilities, and to answer any questions regarding your new Nissan vehicle. New Owner’s Nights are fully catered and have door prizes.

West Coast Nissan

We appreciate your business with West Coast Nissan and feel that this is a great way for customers to learn more about your Nissan, as well get to know our team and facility to feel confident and relaxed knowing your vehicle is in great hands long after you first left the lot with your new Nissan. West Coast Nissan’s sales and service departments are very knowledgeable and dedicated, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your Nissan and everything that goes with it (there is a lot of great stuff) outside of the busy day-to-day operations of the dealership.

New Owners Night

We hope to see you at our next New Owner’s Night at West Coast Nissan, it is one way we welcome all of our customers to the Nissan family. For more information regarding West Coast Nissan’s next New Owner’s Night, please contact us at 604-460-1333 or Chauntelle@westcoastautogroup.com.

Sales Team
West Coast Nissan

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