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New Nissan Owner’s Night | West Coast Nissan | May 2015

New Owner’s Night | West Coast Nissan

West Coast Nissan would like to invite you to our next New Owner’s Night. This is an opportunity meet and hear from the West Coast Nissan staff about your new Nissan and everything that goes along with it, such as service and a variety of other items you might not know about! New Owner’s Night is a fun, fully-catered evening outside of the usual business hours of the dealership that offers a lot useful information for Nissan owners, along with door prizes!

There is a terrific team of people at West Coast Nissan and we want our valued customers to meet and hear from us so that you feel comfortable and confident the next time your Nissan comes in for service, and that you know all about what comes with your new Nissan vehicle. Past attendees rave about what they learn regarding their new Nissan from our friendly and knowledgeable West Coast Nissan staff at our New Owner’s Night!

West Coast Nissan

West Coast Nissan wants to thank you for your business, and to inform all our loyal customers the benefits of owning a new Nissan which you might not know about already. So please join us at our next New Owner’s Night for a fun and informative evening at West Coast Nissan! Contact West Coast Nissan at 604-460-1333 for more information regarding our next New Owner’s Night.

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West Coast Nissan

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