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Nissan Service Department

When it comes to vehicle safety, certain components often steal the spotlight – airbags, seatbelts, and brakes, to name a few. But there’s one humble yet crucial part that tends to fly under the radar: windshield wipers.

At West Coast Nissan, we believe it’s time to shed light on these unsung heroes and emphasize their importance in keeping you safe on the road.

Here’s why:

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It’s The West Coast Attitude

Satisfaction Guaranteed!I don’t often send along comments on service I receive, but I did want to pass along a note that my girlfriend and I were extremely pleased with the service we had over the course of the last couple of days at West Coast Nissan. We had taken our old 1996 Pathfinder in for service; we feel the diagnosis completed and the amounts charged were accurate and fair, and the front desk personnel were friendly, and attentive. That’s actually quite the opposite feeling we’ve had at the Nissan dealer we would previously frequent for service. We were also impressed with the rewards program. Given all of the above, we’ll be bringing both of our Nissan vehicles to West Coast from now on and when we’re ready for upgrading the vehicles, possibly both of us in the next six months we’ll be giving your dealership first chance on the sales side as well.

I hope you can pass the comments along to ownership and management. Thank-you.

Darcy Kindred