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Nissan Sentra

Congratulations to Ali Abdul’s friend Cong on his brand-new Nissan Sentra. This vehicle comes with heated seats, backup camera and push-button start and many more comfort features. Enjoy your new ride.

Get Yours at West Coast Nissan!


Todd and Marie Save on Gas in Their Sentra

Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s friends Todd and Marie on the purchase of their Nissan Sentra. With gas prices rising, the Sentra was an amazing choice to give a break at the pump while also looking good. Enjoy!


Manfred Found His Sales Representative Knowledgeable

Manfred and Margaret Jones came into West Coast Nissan and purchased a Nissan Sentra. No relation to the Jones family who owns and works in the West Coast Auto Group, but their children were in the same age group.

Manfred and Margaret were very happy with the sales representative they worked with. Manfred said – “Yes I would recommend a Nissan and I’m just hoping that as I said earlier the car turns out to be what I expected to be and I would recommend other people to buy a Nissan!”

We hope Margaret and Manfred enjoy their purchase! [continue reading…]