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Nissan Leaf

Goodbye Gas Bills for Andrze!


Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s friend Andrze on the purchase of his fully electric car, the Nissan Leaf. Goodbye gas bills! This environmentally friendly car is not only saving the planet, but Andrze’s bank account too.  Well done!


Say Goodbye to Gas Prices in Style!


Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s friends on the purchase of their Nissan Leaf. This fully electric car allows you to say goodbye to all your gas bills and oil changes all while doing it in style. Looking good!


William Wouterloot Loves His New Nissan Leaf!


Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s newest friends on the purchase of their Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle. Not only does this vehicle help the environment it helps your bank account too! Say goodbye to high gas prices, oil changes, maintenance costs and much more. Fully equipped with heated seats, back up camera and voice activated navigation this Leaf truly is a pleasure to drive.


Michael’s Cutting Costs with a Nissan Leaf!


Congratulations to Michael on the purchase of his Nissan Leaf fully loaded and completely electric car. No more money spent on gas stations and oil changes!


Another happy customer at West Coast Nissan who has shopped at different Nissan dealer in the Vancouver area and feels that West Coast Nissan is the premier place to purchase a new Nissan. He received two rebates totalling almost $10,000 in savings on his new Nissan Leaf. The electric Leaf is perfect for commuters with the unbeatable efficiency it offers. For all the great customer service, knowledge, and savings; West Coast Nissan is “much better” than the rest! [continue reading…]