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Becky Enjoyed Shopping For Her Sentra at West Coast Nissan

West Coast Nissan was able to help Becky and her little girl a 2016 Nissan Sentra. Not a fan of the car buying experience Becky was happy to be treated like family when she came in the door. They let her daughter climb in and out of the cars and allowed her to be part of the process.

Thomas was able to answer any and all questions that Becky had, and she had no problems and did not feel nervous asking the questions she needed to be answered.

“It is just comfortable. you’re comfortable with your family or you can say they’re like your best friends, you’re comfortable with your best friends.” – Becky

Thank you for choosing West Coast Nissan Becky.


Transcript Below:

Hi, I’m Becky! I bought a 2016 Nissan Sentra. Honestly, I hate buying, I hate going car

shopping but coming into West Coast Nissan was actually one of the best places I’ve ever been in to.

My husband works nights and weekends, and I had to shop with my three-year-old daughter. Walking in the door, they treated us like family right from the get-go. Let her climb in and out of the cars like she was one of theirs, and they treated her like a little star and that probably was the best thing that was another reason why.

My employer also bought one of their vehicles here a few years back and recommended you guys as well. The other thing is the sales rep. Thomas, he was absolutely fantastic. Didn’t have any problems answering questions. There are no stupid questions where if you do have a silly question they give you the answer honestly, but they laugh with you because you know I came in with a few silly questions and it’s like I feel silly about this, and they answered you and you know I get to laugh afterwards.

Exactly! It is just comfortable. You’re comfortable with your family, or you can say they’re like your best friends, you’re comfortable with your best friends.

Sales Team
West Coast Nissan

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