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Nissan Connect

Nissan Connect | Connect Like You Mean It

NissanConnect brings innovative technology to your needs for connectivity and control. With an array of features and versions, you can select the level of connectivity you require compatible with your devices. Technology has come a long way and it is time for you to reap the benefits. Do not delay in getting the most out of your ride in all circumstances, including connectivity.

Your devices hold crucial information that is required for you to get through your day. Whether you need to access smartphone apps, such as facebook, to stream your music, or send hands-free text messages, NissanConnectTM is prepared to enable to you to do it all through a centrally located screen with touch and voice commands.

The innovation gets serious with NissanConnect with Navigation. This feature allows you to access a navigational system on either a 5.8” or 7” colour touchscreen display. It produces a level of understanding beyond a simple map. This function provides information about where you are in relation to where you need to go seamlessly in a user-friendly manner. With technologies that make navigating safer, such as Curve Warning, Speed Limit Advisory, Exit View, Eco Routing and a Rear-View Monitor. Make your journey as safe as possible and get there they way you want to with available features that will make each trip memorable.

Nissan Connect

Along with NissanConnectTM  with Navigation comes a list of functions that take your experience to the next level. Included among these is the ability to check real time fuel prices, sorted for you by distance so that you can judge where the most economical place to fuel up is. Are you driving to the airport? Knowing exactly what is going on in terms of airline flight times and departure and arrival flight status. Other features include the ability to connect to GoogleTM functions, such as Send-To-Car and POIs. Send-To-Car offers a level of navigation that allows you to enter your destination before you leave home, using a connected device, and send the routing information to your NissanConnectTM system for your journey. Enjoy the benefit of searching for local businesses through POIs, Powered by GoogleTM. This feature allows you to find and navigate to businesses without knowing the actual address, thanks to the information provided by GoogleTM.

In 2015, we should be able to use the advanced technology all around us for better connection to our devices, to our environment, and to an understanding of where we are in relation to where we are going. With NissanConnectTM you are able to unleash the potential of innovation in a way that directly impacts your life in a positive ways. Safely connect to your world and be in the know and in-touch with NissanConnectTM. To for more information about NissanConnectTM contact West Coast Nissan.

Mike Poelzer
West Coast Nissan

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