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Meet Simon Blackshaw | From Mechanic to Sales Manager

Originally from Nottingham, England, Simon Blackshaw has been a Calgary resident ever since moving to Canada in 2009. With 17 years of experience in engine diagnostics, Simon has transitioned through the automotive industry, now serving West Coast Nissan as Sales Manager.

Upon moving to Canada, Simon was looking for a job when he walked by a Nissan dealership. While they liked him, there were no openings in the service department. Instead, they offered him a job in sales. He decided to give it a shot, and fell in love with the sales side. He says of his experience, “I sold my first car and fell in love with the job.”

Simon enjoys working at West Coast Nissan and says that there is no other career quite like it. He enjoys meeting people and finding out what they are looking for. He feels a sense of responsibility to help them make a decision they will be happy with.

Simon also says that he knows that car salespeople have a reputation, and his goal is to change that perception for the customers he works with. Customers will find the fact that Simon knows cars inside out comforting when he is giving them the details on the current inventory. When he discusses technical specs, he understands what they mean and he can help buyers understand what they need to know.

Stop by West Coast Nissan to meet Simon and let him help you find the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

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