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Fernando Trusts His Nissan Rogue

West Coast Nissan was able to help Fernando find his new vehicle – a 2016 Nissan Rogue. He finds the Nissan brand trustworthy and likes the design of the models.Some of his favourite features of the Nissan Rogue are “it is very comfortable, interior design, it feels very chic kind of, and it’s like the way drives it feels pretty good.”

Thank You for choosing West Coast Nissan Fernando and for referring your friend to our dealership as well.


Transcript Below:

I’m Fernando, and I bought a 2016 Nissan Rogue. What got me to check out Nissan is because I find the car very, the brand is very trustworthy, and I liked the design, Nissan design. So that’s why it made sense to me. Some of my favourite features of my Rogue is it’s very comfortable, interior design; it feels very chic kind of, and it’s like the way drives it feels pretty good.

So when I came to West Coast Nissan, I was impressed by the customer service. So that’s what got me here because I went other Nissan dealerships and I didn’t have a great experience that I had at West Coast Nissan.

I would for sure recommend West Coast Nissan to family or friends. And actually, I have already done! Since I bought my car I recommended to a friend and he came here and he bought a Nissan Rogue as well few days after and because of the great experience, customer service experience and because of the brand design of the car’s reliability as well.

Sales Team
West Coast Nissan

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